Landscaping Services

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Masonryand Stonework

Enhance the outdoor experience of your home with a stylish and elegant natural stonework design. Improve an existing garden, a walkway, or any set piece on your property with our quality-assured work that provides lasting resistance against the harsh Canadian climate.

Fencing & Wooden Structures

Fences play an important role in your yard. Whether you use them to contain your garden or as a border for your property, Duwood Landscaping can help you design exactly what you need. We guarantee the quality and craftsmanship in any structure we build for you.

Landscaping Repairs
and Restoration

The harsh Canadian climate puts a lot of strain on your wooden structures, stonework, and other landscaping features. Landscaping repairs and restorations are normal, and something that every homeowner needs to do from time to time.

Spring and Fall Cleanup

Have you ever wanted to create your own garden? With our gardening and maintenance services, you can do just that. Who doesn’t dream of growing their own produce, free of chemicals, so they can make their own homegrown summer salad.


All the Landscaping Services You Need Under One Roof.

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