Spring and Fall Cleanup in Montreal

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Spring and Fall Cleanup in Montreal

Have you ever wanted to create your own garden? Who doesn’t dream of growing their own produce, free of chemicals, so they can make their own homegrown summer salad right from their own garden. This is a dream that Duwood Landscaping believes in, and one that we work to help people in our local community realize. We want our community to be aware of  rooftop terraces, balcony gardens, wall gardens, and pot gardens for them to grow their own food and reduce their carbon footprint.

As the seasons change, so too do your landscaping needs. Duwood Landscaping works with you to keep your outdoor area looking great all year round. Landscaping tasks can quickly pile up and spiral out of control. Duwood  landscaping is your answer to this problem. We can get your outdoor areas cleaned up.

Why Choose Our Spring and Fall Cleanup Services?

Duwood Landscaping spring and fall cleanup services get your landscaping needs under control by offering you a variety of preparation, cleanup, and installation services.

Our most popular services include:

  • Pressure washing
  • Fixing damaged areas of your landscape
  • Clearing composted debris
  • Tree and shrub pruning
  • Preparing flower beds